Monday, 27 January 2014

...this zine is brilliant

I was approached by a former colleague, Michael Nguyen-Huyhn, ex-writer for the Under Age, and invited to write for his new zine named Antelope, a quirky youth-oriented publication. I obliged, expecting it to be a poorly constructed mash up of teenage angst and try-hard journalism. Boy was I wrong.

Antelope's pieces are high-quality, the illustrations marvellous and writing of an exceptional standard. The overall feel of the zine is highly impressive and Michael should be uber proud of himself. I'm not speaking so positively because I wrote for it or because I know most of the people involved; no, as a reader I was engrossed and want others to enjoy the zine also.

The first issue of Antelope is available now at Sticky Institute and other stockists of alt-zines. Issue 1 features articles about internet medical diagnosis and what Africa is really like, as well as some creative writing and heck there's even a maze. Please give it a read, it might just surprise you.

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