Thursday, 20 December 2012's a Big Review from a Little Person

Kids are inquisitive. Whether they are analysing something we experienced ones take for granted, or just coming to grips with our big world, every child has questions. The cry of 'but why?' can drive parents mad or perhaps the seemingly bottomless barrel of baffling questions makes parents step back and think. Either way, a life-saving resource has been created for these tired parents who simply don't know why monkeys like bananas or why the sky is blue. Gemma Elwin Harris has found the answers to the big questions with some help from the world's biggest people in her book, ‘Big Questions from Little People’.

Over 70 questions, posed by children aged four to twelve, have been answered in the book. Experts from a range of fields tackle the tough questions, with Heston Blumenthal answering 'Why do we cook food?' and Bear Grylls deciding whether it is okay to eat a worm. Complex questions such as 'how do you fall in love?' are responded by three different experts, providing an attractive answer for all types of children. No question goes unanswered, with thoughts as silly as 'if a cow didn't fart for a whole year and then did one big fart, would it fly into space?' or as specific as ’did Alexander the Great like Frogs?’ being responded to.

This book is as enjoyable for kids as it is for adults. Not only does it bring out the big kid’s inquisitive and silly side, ‘Big Questions from Little People’ provides an experience for families to share. It ignites the flame of wonderment and awe, as well as gaining scientific knowledge and logic that helps our kids become the thinkers and creators of tomorrow.

Comical sketches and humorous out-takes are included throughout the book. Biographies of the experts are featured to avoid the question of ‘who’s that?’ and a handy index serves as the go-to place for a child in need of answers. The book is a must read for the big and little kid alike, whose curiosity kills the cat and wants to know where the cat came from.

‘Big Questions from Little People’ is out now from Faber publishing, RRP $29.99

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