Sunday, 1 July 2012

...about cortisone

After being crunched in a tackle playing open age schoolgirls AFL in April 2011, I hurt my ribs. They ache whilst breathing, doing push ups, lifting heavy stuff, even in situations such as listening to bass-heavy music. I decided to visit the sports doctor. He prescribed  me some anti-inflammatory pain relief gel which didn't help, and now he suggests I visit the hospital and get a cortisone injection. Not knowing much about this treatment, I have done some research.

Cortisone is a type of legal steroid which comes in the form of injection, pill, cream, eye drop and lotion. They are used to reduce inflammation and therefore pain in soft-tissue injuries, inflamed joints, bursitis and arthritis. It works by preventing white blood cells (they fight infections, sickness, bleeding etc) gathering in the affected area. One injection can reduce pain for several months, years or even remove pain forever. Of course there are rare negative side effects: facial flushing, skin colour lightening and soreness. More major side effects are known but I don't want to think about them!

Having an enormous phobia of needles, medical procedures and blood, this procedure makes me feel faint just thinking about it, except I have had enough of this continuous ache. I think I may just have to put my fears behind me, which will be extremely difficult. But hopefully it's possible.

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